Color in the interior. The Psychology of Color

The interiors in a power range of colors - beige, cream, pistachio, often boring and uninteresting. A palette of well-thinned bright accents in textiles, decorative objects and items of furniture.

Well suited ... red (!), Because the red - always bold and even provocative.

It is a color indispensable to draw attention to showcases and signboards (if needed to boost sales, feel free to use the red, because it adds confidence man make a decision), the notation of the main front door or giving a festive mood.

In residential interiors will be red in the appropriate offices, living rooms and even a kitchen.

There is a important feature of red, visually reduce the space zoom in and magnify objects in width. So do not overdo it with the red in tight spaces. Red furniture always seems to be more solid and heavy.

When choosing a complementary color will be very effective combination of red and white. White will give a strict interior. However, a combination of two colors only seen empty and uncomfortable. To avoid this effect requires a third color. Stylish and will look noble gray color or silver accessories.

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