The interior design of apartments. Interior Design in Kazakhstan
Interior Design in Astana

In developing the interior design of apartments, need to think carefully about every element of decor. Even the air vents or radiator heating system must comply with the style decision of the living space. So, for a classic style will suit embroidered decorative grilles made of white plaster, as well as cast iron radiators with a classical bas-relief, which will combine elegant details skilled craftsmanship with industrial efficiency. You can also close all of this elegant wrought, because such details decorate the space, give it a special charm, will make the room elegant and solemn. As for the modern style, then you can use stainless steel, untreated copper, brass, bronze, chrome, so you can use airbrushing and repeat pattern wallpaper, or create artistic masterpieces on lattices and on all radiators. In any of the styles you can use the banal screens for radiators and air vents, which are provided in a huge range of construction materials on the market, but as said above it is commonplace.

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