It seems to me that the carpets for us are our regional feature.

For us - the inhabitants of Central Asia - the carpets are a thing of status and evidence of good taste and well-being of the person. The rooms that have carpet, lived-in look and warm, it gives the interior a finished look and creates a cozy atmosphere. Well-chosen rug can complement and decorate the interior to be a bright accent or contrary to calm color scheme of the space. In the interior, I prefer hand-made carpets, because carpet - one of the few things: who still bought "for life." Each carpet is - a unique product, you can imagine how much work and patience to master puts into his work, that the carpet was a really beautiful. Of course this is not a cheap pleasure, but the value of handmade carpets over the years only grows, so once bought carpet can become a family heirloom or collectible.

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: Antonio Natelli